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10 Tips for an excellent Acting Headshot

1. many Personality!! many folks could have the same look to you- it's your temperament that creates you special.

2. appear as if your acting headshot. this is often not a time to be a beauty queen. you would like to present casting administrators associate degreed shoppers an correct version of yourself.

3. Keep your article of clothing selections easy. Avoid patterns and prints in favor of solid colours. No white or Very light pastels. Less distracting articles of clothing helps the viewer see YOU.

4. Spark the viewer's imagination. Don't dress sort of a nurse or a peace officer. you would like the viewer to be able to imagine you as many alternative characters from one image.

5. Go simple on the makeup! You would like to seem your best for your acting headshot, however that doesn't mean layers of war paint and blush. If you can, rent a makeup creative person. confine mind, you must pay shut attention to what your makeup creative person will thus after you visit associate degree audition or to fulfill associate degree agent you'll go into the door wanting as near your image as doable.


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6. Don't show lots of skin! girls, this suggests no excess cleavage. Guys, keep your shirts on. Casting administrators need to examine you…but not that abundant of you!

7. confine mind what quite work you're attempting to induce. do you need to try and do theater, film, or industrial work?

8. It's all concerning the eyes. in fact your smile is very important, too, however the eyes will create or break your image. Your eyes offer you the chance to indicate the layers in your temperament. instead of considering the viewer viewing your image, believe you viewing the viewer.

9. Face shot or ¾ shots. ¾ shots area unit helpful to indicate a casting director your build. this could be smart if you're wanting to try and do commercial work modeling clothes. Be careful, though. in an exceedingly ¾ shot, your eyes will get lost.

A face shot is that the best thanks to show your eyes and your personality…

Which brings us to my last tip:

10. Did I mention PERSONALITY? Be yourself and show what makes you distinctive.


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